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Jesus Christ authorized his disciples to preach the gospel and backed their ministries up with signs and wonders.

True Service

It takes a pragmatic person to serve God seriously!

Honest Pursuit

Whoever trusts and faithfully serves God won't be ashamed but will triumph to testify to His goodness in all situations.

Honest Pursuit

If you can't offend sinners, you can't excite God.

Honest Pursuit

No one who is a child of God can altogether avoid a trial time. It will come. You have to prepare for it. Be prayerful and watchful.

Honest Pursuit

God is alive and still leads those who trust in him.


God is plentiful in wisdom and can use unimaginable means to bless his children.

True Service

A person who is rich today may die poor tomorrow. A person who is rich in Jesus will never go poor in this life or the next.


Active faith will enable a child of God to triumph in every life situation!

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